WORLD2021.11.21 09:00

China has been building a secret facility in the UAE


U.S. intelligence agencies have learned that China is secretly building a military facility in one of the ports of the United Arab Emirates. informs this was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, the first information about China's suspicious activities near Abu Dhabi came about a year ago. Although experts say this information is not convincing, satellite images taken in the spring of 2021 have convinced the US leadership that China is indeed building a military facility in the UAE.

The White House has warned the UAE that China's military presence threatens relations between the two countries.

Sources told the newspaper that construction stopped after a series of visits by US officials to Abu Dhabi. According to sources, the UAE government, which is interested in modern US fighter jets and drones, is unaware of the military nature of China's activities in the country.