About Us

The news portal Dialoq.info has operated in three languages (Dialoq.info – Azerbaijani, ru.dialoq.info – Russian, en.dialoq.info – English) since February 1, 2014. The chief editor is Mubariz Goyushlu. Our goal is to deliver the news on the various fields, such as education, science, culture, media, NGOs, sports, social, economics, etc. to our society, and to increase knowledge and motivation, and to help for enhancing the social activity of our citizens, and to enlighten them.
The website, as news portal, mainly prefers to the news on events occurring in the sectors, such as education, science, culture, media and NGOs, sports, socio-economic areas. The main activity of the site, which is far from sensational and criminal news and daily politics, is to illuminate the areas mentioned above, and to try to make our society aware of the news.
If you want to place the information about your ceremonies, trainings, seminars, projects as well as your announcements, advertising and articles on our website, you can contact us by the means mentioned below.